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Isaac Newton's
18 South State St.
Newtown, PA


Belgian Style Fries $3.95   Spring Rolls $8.95
...with Fritte sauce - very frittey.   ...we home-make our shrimp (not easy)! With soy, lime, ginger, sesame sauce.
Isaac's Four Cheese Macaroni Pie $6.95   Coconut Shrimp $9.45
...World Class mac 'n cheese! You've always loved it! Served with roasted plum tomato bruschetta.   ...served with sweet and sour Madarin orange sauce
Onion Nest $4.95   Veggie Quesadilla $9.95
...warm, friendly onions cleverly made into a nest - (don't ask how we do it). With garlic chive sauce.   ...spinach, Portabella mushroom, grilled bell peppers and caramelized onions with a touch of feta cheese.
Potstickers - Pork and Oriental Vegetables $8.45   Calamari $9.00
...steamed or pan-fried with a soy ginger, lime sesame sauce, and an onion nest.   ...lightly battered and served with bourbon mayonnaise and marinara.
Grilled Mini Wraps $7.95   Popcorn Shrimp $9.75
...marinated steak in a spinach tortilla with sour cream salsa and bourbon mayonnaise   ...lightly battered (not really hurt) rock shrimp served with a lemon saffron aoili and honey mustard.
Chicken Fingers $7.45   Szechuan Green Beans $5.75
...real chicken digits, delicately manicured, lightly breaded. Served with honey mustard sauce and buttermilk ranch dressing.   ...tossed with soy ginger lime sauce
Mozzarella Sticks $6.45   Fried Wild Mushroom Ravioli $8.45
...with Marinara sauce   ...served with mixed greens, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and roasted red pepper couli
Buffalo Chicken Wings $7.75   Mussels and Fries $11.45
...slathered with Isaac's own hot sauce. No actual Bison wings are used, due to picky government regulators.   ...steamed mussels simmered in a garlic white wine sauce topped with fries and a saffron aoili
Nachos $7.45   Spinach and Artichoke Dip $8.45
...all nacho, nothing un-nacho. Diced plum tomatoes, onions, black olives, Monterrey Jack and Cheddar, sour cream and Isaac's own salsa.   ...served with crisp pitas and equally crisp tortilla chips
Beef or Veggie Nachos $8.95   Isaac's Sampler $11.95
...loaded with spicy ground sirloin, or equally spicy veggie chili.   ...can't make decisions? Spring Roll, Mini Wraps, Chicken Wings, and Pot Stickers on a great big plate
Chicken Quesadilla $8.95   Mussels Oreganata $9.95
...grilled chicken stuffed between grilled wraps filled with tasty Mexican Stuff (diced plum tomatoes, olives, Monterrey Jack and Cheddar). Sour cream, chives, and home-made salsa included!   ...herd of mussels - more than Arnold has! In our fresh plum tomato oreganata sauce


Your First, Homemade, Individual Size, Traditional, Plain Old Pizza $8.75   Greek Pizza $9.75
...just like your mamma made, if she owned a really good pizza shop. Add Pepperoni, for a mere .50¢   ...Plato, Aristotle, and the guys order one for poker night. (dimosthenes always hogs the olives) Feta cheese, tomatoes, basil, red onions, black olives
Barbecued Chicken Pizza $9.95   Vegetarian Pizza $9.25
...with red onions, mozzarella, and many assorted parts of deliciously barbecued sliced-up chickens   ...with roasted tomatoes, spinach, sliced tomatoes, grilled portabella, and Mozzarella cheese
Sante Fe Chicken Pizza $10.25   White Pizza $9.00
Grilled chicken, cilantro, fresh tomatoes, more cilantro, salsa, Monterrey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, sour cream   ...with fresh spinach, (you'll be strong to the finish, if you eat your spinach), mozzarella roasted garlic, and fresh shallot cream sauce.


Starter Mostly-Green Salad $3.95
...fresh mixed greens, cucumbers, extremely red rip tomatoes, and your choice of your favorite Isaac's Dressings.
Large Mostly-Green Salad $6.95
...our fresh stuff - mixed greens, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, scallions, your choice of Isaac's Dressings.
Isaac's Salad $7.45
...his personal favorite! Mixed greens, celery, scallions, crumbled blue cheese, with our plum tomato vinaigrette dressing
Steak Salad $10.45
...Steak, fries, crumbled bleu cheese, red onions, and fresh cracked pepper oil. (is this a catalytic process?)
Or, with Grilled Chicken ...$9.95
Roast Duck Salad $11.95
...Duck! It's served over mixed greens with poached pears, walnuts, blueberries, Feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Arugula $7.95
...tastes better than it sounds. With red onions, oven roasted tomatoes, crumbled Bleu cheese caramelized walnuts, dried fruits and fresh cracked pepper oil.
Grilled Chicken Breast $9.95
...improved with dried fruits, red onions, and caramelized walnuts in a toasted mustard cider dressing
Greek Salad $9.25
...romaine with Feta, diced tomatoes, onions, black olives, and artichokes, topped with an onion nest and plum tomato vinaigrette dressing
Warm Spinach Salad $9.45
...highly recommended by Popeye - with red onions (on the left of the plate), caramelized walnuts, dried fruit, Gorgonzola and bacon


All of our dressing are made to be low,
or very low, in carbohydrates!

Balsamic Vinaigrette • Bleu Cheese
Buttermilk Ranch
Soy and Sesame Ginger
Plum Tomato Vinaigrette
Toasted Mustard Cider
Russian • Honey Mustard

Soups - Chili

Baked Onion Soup au Gratin $5.95
...served in a crock, seriously buried in melty cheese - in this case, "cheesy", paradoxically, means really good!
Today's Really - Good Soup $4.95
...don't ask us for the name and you'll be surprised - but happy, trust us!
Seasonal Soup - ask us! $4.95 changes every so often, just when you least expect it. Like the seasons!
Baked Onion Soup and Choice of Small Salad $8.75
...Mostly Green, or Caesar salad with cheese-smothered onion soup
Cup 'O Soup and Small Salad $8.25
...pick a soup, pick a salad, than enjoy! Caesar Salad, or House Salad
Cup 'O Soup and Quiche of The Day $8.75
...ahhh, soup! Plus our exciting quiche of the day!
Veggie Chili in a Crock $5.95
...great chili, no meat - you won't miss it! Topped with Cheddar cheese

Our Famous Caesars!*

Great Caesar! $7.45   Grilled Chicken Caesar $9.25
...much better than the Dull, Old Ordinary Caesar that those other food purveyors (you know who they are) try to sell to their poor, unsuspecting customers   ...Grilled Chicken adds Meaty Poultry Goodness to Our Great Caesar!
Blackened Chicken Caesar $9.75   London Broil Caesar $10.25
...the chicken is not only blackened, it's also carefully chilled's the Broil that's marinated, not the famous city, it's beefy, and yet still a classic
Blackened Salmon Caesar $10.45   Popcorn Shrimp Caesar $11.00
...chilled like the chicken, and equally blackened'll eat 'em like, well popcorn!
Cold Buffalo Chicken Caesar $9.75   Seafood Caesar $11.75
...grilled and chilled - mmm, spicy   ...with shrimp and other sorts of ocean life! (absolutely guaranteed, no mermaids)
      Caramelized Walnut Chicken and Dried Fruit Caesar $9.75


Blackened Chicken Wrap $9.25
...blackened, by some process we don't fully understand. Cheddar cheese, and salsa with Isaac's fry sauce in a grilled Cheddar jalapeno wrap
Pastrami Reuben $8.75
...lean pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on grilled Jewish rye. A United Nations food bazaar!
Turkey Club $8.45
...who would ever have thought that poultry could be that organized?
Meatloaf Sandwich $8.95
...served with Bourbon mayonnaise and one of those onion nests
Chicken Caesar Wrap $8.45
... Served in a spinach wrap
Apple Walnut Chicken $9.25 caramelized, walnut encrusted, browned chicken breast with hickory bacon on a kaiser
Sliced London Broil $9.75
...with Gorgonzola sauce. Topped with an onion nest, served on a toasted garlic torpedo roll
Shrimp Tempura Wrap $10.25
...with mixed greens, slaw and a mild but spicy chipolte pepper bourbon mayonnaise. Wrapped up in a spinach tortilla
Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich $8.95 rib served on a soft roll with Provolone, and our tasty horseradish cream sauce
Thai Chicken Wrap $8.95
...with radish, cucumber, slivered carrots, with Thai peanut sauce. These are not your average circus peanuts!
Country Fried Chicken Sandwich $8.45
...with red onions, lettuce and tomato with bourbon mayonnaise
Grilled Breast of Chicken $8.45
...with plum tomato bruschetta served on a kaiser roll

Low Carb Choices
Yuppy Brie and Turkey $9.75
...trendy, improved with honey mustard sauce on classy, multi-grain bread
Grilled Chicken Wrap $9.25
...with a garlic chive spread, spinach and bruschetta

...choose your bread: Rye, White, Multi-Grain or a Kaiser Roll

Chicken Salad $7.45
...contains actual, real chickens!
Tuna Salad $7.25
...contains actual, real fishies!
Turkey Breast $7.45
...good parts of real turkeys
Half Sandwich and Soup $7.95
...half of a STANDARD sandwich with a cup of Isaac's great soup
Half Sandwich & Onion Soup $9.95


Today's Exciting Quiche with Caesar Salad $9.95
...well, we think it's exciting, and some of our customers have started whooping and dancing around the restaurant. (We are not amused)...
Homemade Calzone with Caesar Salad $10.75
Barbecued Ribs with Caesar $11.95
Hail, Caesar! You got nice ribs!
No-Bun Burger, (Beef, Garden or Turkey) with House Salad $9.75'll never miss the bun, and you'll feel so healthy! (choose one of our really good special salad dressings)
Crab Cakes with Caesar $15.45
Isaac's special, top-secret, crab blend, carefully cakerized and served with our justifiably famous Great Caesar Salad.
Served on a roll with lettuce and tomato ...add $1.25

Isaac's Pasta

Lunch Dinner
Angel Hair Pasta Marinara $7.45 $9.45
...know to Tony Soprano as Angenetti. We make a great marinara sauce. If you know what's good for you, you'll try it - know what I mean?
Angel Hair Pasta Marinara $8.95 $11.45
or, with Ground Sirloin Meat Sauce
Our Semi-Famous, Original Pencil Points with Chicken $9.95 $11.95
...with broccoli and scallions in a lobster cream sauce
Our Semi-Famous, Original Pencil Points with Chicken $11.75 $14.25
or, with Shrimp
Lobster Ravioli $11.95 $14.95
...the ultimate ravioli! Served with a champagne and rock shrimp cream sauce


No Frozen Hockey Pucks Are Ever Sold Here!
Our Burgers are Fresh, Eight (8) Ounces, Hand-Formed Daily
Included at No Extra Cost...
Belgian style Fries!

Classic American Burgers... $8.25
...The Hamburger! - It's an important All-American tradition!
Classic Bacon Cheeseburger $9.25
...your classic favorite again, this time equipped with bacon
The Martin Challenge Double Burger...Add $4.75
...are you up for The Challenge? Double any burger and double your pleasure, (or cut your hunger in half, or both). Eat! You'll be legendary!
Garden Burger $9.45
...crafty vegetarians stalk veggies in the wild, savagely tear them from their resting place, cram them into a garden burger, (containing actual vegetable material), and drag them in for grilling
The Three B's Burger $9.25
...Blackened, Baconed, Barbecued. Need a burger? Go first class!
Blue Cheese Burger $9.25
...classy gourmet treat! Julia Child wanted the recipe. Tres bleu!
Isaac's Fancy Burger $10.25
...with Shiitaki mushrooms and Brie. Another Yuppie Gourmet Brainstorm. Really top drawer!
Turkey Burger $8.75
...less fat, tastes great! Burgerized Turkey (another secret Newtonian process), with apricot and orange relish
Onion and Mushroom Burger $9.45
...with Swiss cheese, (not to mention onions and mushrooms and, maybe, most importantly, the burger)
Blaine's Burger $10.45
...crisp onion nest, crumbled bleu cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Complaints and complements, if any, should be sent to Blaine, after all, it's her burger


Apple Walnut Chicken $14.25 caramelized, walnut encrusted, browned breast of chicken with sweet potato bacon stuffing, fresh vegetables
Fresh Filet of Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon $15.45
..poached from the Atlantic (legally), then seared and served with mashed potatoes, julienne seasonal vegetables and Dijon mustard sauce
Filet Mignon* $24.50
...with the Chef's Special Preparation of the week. If you want to know what he's doing this week, you'll have to ask. Or, you could just trust him - he says he knows what he's doing!
Meatloaf ...mmm, meatloaf $13.95
...with Whipped potatoes (Bad Potatoes! Bad!) and sauteed vegetables
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes $17.45
...the meat of some seriously big crabs magically cakerized and served with fries and sauteed vegetables, also includes tarter sauce
Our World Famous Barbecue Baby Back Ribs $15.95 time you're in Paris, or London ask anyone - they know! Served with Belgian style fries.
Seafood Strudel $17.45
...large chunks of shrimp, fresh sea scallops and jumbo lump crab meat gift wrapped in filo dough, served with roasted garlic, white wine and fresh shallot cream sauce
10 Ounce Chipolte-Rubbed (Not-Too-Spicy) Pork Chop $16.45
...mildly spicy, with sauteed vegetables and whipped red potatoes
Rocky Mountain Rib Eye $19.45
...12 ounce dry rubbed rib eye served with whipped red potatoes and fresh mozzarella and tomato salad
Country Fried Chicken $14.25
...served with Dijon cream sauce, whipped red potatoes, and sauteed vegetables
Pan Seared Butterfish $16.45
...with a balsamic reduction and herb oil. Accompanied by white rice and vegetables
New York Strip Steak $19.95
...12 ounce grilled sirloin with vegetables and whipped red potatoes

Mashed Cauliflower for potato .75¢

Take Out Anything We Make!

Isaac's Menu Just for Kids
Soft Ice Cream for dessert included!

Hot Dog (just like the ballpark, without the flies!) $4.00
...with American fries. Hot Dog!
Burger $4.50
...with fries, picked by gourmet kids!
Baked Macaroni and Cheese $3.95
...put a feather in your hat!
Angel Hair Pasta $3.95
...with red sauce (it's very red)
Angel Hair Pasta $3.95
...with butter sauce (not so red)
Chicken Fingers $4.95 more piano lessons for these chickens! With fries and apple sauce
Grilled Cheese $3.95
...with chips, carrot and celery sticks
Slice of Pizza $4.25
...with apple sauce, carrot and celery sticks
The Farmer McGregor Special $3.25
...carrot and celery sticks with ranch dip. What's up, Doc?


*Raw eggs are used here, and burgers and meats are cooked to order. Consuming raw eggs or undercooked meats or eggs may increase your risk of food-bourne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Isaac Newtons
18 South State St.
Newtown, PA 18940

Open 7 Days A Week
Kitchen Closes
10pm Sun-Thurs
11pm Fri & Sat

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